Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan


#Squadgoals: Activate and Empower Your Advocates

Selected to present a breakout session with our Director of Marketing Operations at Marketo Summit 2016 in Las Vegas.

#Squadgoals: Activate and Empower Your Advocates

Do you know who your brand advocates are? Are you doing anything to engage them? Join the Schoology Community team along with our Director of Marketing Operations to learn how our team developed an Ambassador program to identify, organize, engage, and empower our advocates.

We’ll review the program structure, the impact it has on the entire company, some of the challenges we faced along the way, and overall program goals. Finally, learn how we plan to scale and automate the program utilizing various Marketo features.

We'll cover the Marketo Engagement Engine for Ambassador communications, Marketo Web Hooks to manage and track Ambassador applications and referrals, as well as scoring models to track Ambassador participation.

Regardless of what community you are working with, this session will offer actionable tips and strategies for marketers looking to encourage engagement and empower advocates.



I was invited to be a one of three speakers at the August 2012 Social Good For Profit Meetup. I spoke as a founding member of the newly formed Conductor Foundation.

Featured Speakers: 

Jen Marie Robustelli from Conductor Foundation

Gene Gurkoff, Founder of CharityMiles 

Alex Taub, Dwolla




I was invited to be a panelist at the November 2013 Community Managers Meetup.

Education Communities: Recreating the Campus through Social.

Featured Panelists: 

Jenn Pedde - Online Communications Manager, 2U, Inc.


Chris Barrows - Social Media Coordinator, NYU


Jen Marie Robustelli - Community Manager, Schoology 




I was interviewed by We Are NY Tech in 2012. Here are some of the highlights:

Coming from a public policy and law background, how was the transition into social media and marketing? Did you have any experience in social media or marketing before starting at Conductor or did you learn as you worked?

There really wasn't a transition - both policy/law and aspects of internet marketing/media were always of interest to me. I was actually a nanny/tutor (and a community organizer, a bartender, and a dog walker) before joining Conductor as a research intern. Luckily, my manager was an incredible mentor for me during my internship and I got the chance to experience nearly every aspect of how our marketing team runs. That drove me to learn as much as I could both on the job, and on my time off. I'm still learning - there's tons of great, free content out there about internet marketing, and I burn through a more academic book about once/month.


After experiencing the difficulties of changing the current political system through public policy and law, do you have any ideas of how tech can aid those efforts?

Working with our research about search engine trends and behavior at Conductor has made me a bit obsessed about how people find and absorb information, especially news. I also think a lot about big data - while it's a massively abused buzzword right now (and can mean 100s of things depending on context) I think we're entering an age where we're just starting to utilize this data we've been collecting. Using technology can unlock some insight and scale up data-driven decision making (see: CompStat in the NYPD), but will it change the way our current political system functions? There's a lot of moving parts here. But these (finding information online, and utilizing big data) are two soft-focus areas of interest I think about developing a better relationship between tech+ politics.

You can read the full interview here