Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan


The Oncology Download Newsletter

I launched and managed Cota's weekly newsletter: the vision, curation, writing, editing, and marketing automation program for Cota's weekly news roundup. 

The Oncology Download features 3-5 top stories every week for cancer professionals dedicated to using data and technology to improve the lives of cancer patients. The skimmable takeaways and summarized, curated news stories are formatted in the vein of some of my favorite newsletters, including Axios and theSkimm.



Cota OCM

Working closely with our VP Marketing, Product and Sales teams, and our users, I created a variety of materials to support the launch of a new product for Cota Healthcare. I developed the following assets:

  • Full product messaging of benefits, features, and functionality

  • Product brochure and sales messaging

  • Script and full production of a product explainer/demo video

  • Blog post announcing launch

  • Client spotlight/case study

  • Whitepaper: "3 Key Attributes of Every Successful Value-Focused Oncology Practice"



Made Possible By Schoology

This content was a cross-department collaboration with a colleague on the Sales team to create a video highlighting some of Schoology's amazing users and advocates. The video was shot over one afternoon at a national trade show. Between the two of us working on the project, we completed nine interviews and obtained several hours of content.

I was responsible for the overall video execution including creating the brief, sourcing /coordinating the interviews, liaising with the videographer, managing the budget, coordinating releases and communication with the interviewees, and recommending/approving edits.  The final product has been used and repurposed in a variety of sales and marketing campaigns.

This was one of my favorite projects to work on at Schoology. It's an authentic reflection of the kind of community you can cultivate when you build a great product. It was a total blast to make and I think you can see how much fun we had with it.



E-book: Six Tips for Launching Successful Mobile Learning in Your District

This is an introductory level, 21-page e-book discussing the considerations for implementing a mobile learning initiative in a K-12 school district. This piece was the backbone of Schoology's first paid lead generation campaigns across social media and sponsored content. I wrote this eBook, and managed the in-house end-to end production, editing, and design process. 


Introduction: Why Mobile Learning?
Begin with an End in Mind
Common Mobile Models and Technology Considerations
Engage Internal Resources to Create a Plan
Communication Before, During, and After Program Rollout
Piloting the Program: Think Big, Start Small
Assess, Review, and Keep Growing



Schoology NEXT User Conference 2014

I organized every aspect of Schoology's first user conference—overall vision and messaging; content; ticket sales; promotion; speakers; sponsors; event logistics; and more—in Denver, CO, June 2014.


NEXT 2014 stats


300 (the conference sold out, twice) from 12 countries


"Unlock Limitless Student Potential"


Jeremy Friedman, Schoology Co-Founder and CEO

Alan November, November Learning

Jennie Magiera, Chicago Public Schools


See the full program and conference content here


Sungard K-12 Education


November Learning



Schoology NEXT User Conference 2015

Working closely with our Events Manager, I organized many aspects of Schoology's second user conference—overall vision and messaging; content/programming, ticket sales; promotion; speakers; sponsors; and more—in Chicago, IL, July 2015.


NEXT 2015 stats


700—more than double the attendance from 2014


"Transform What's Possible"


Jeremy Friedman, Schoology Co-Founder and CEO

Fareed Zakaria, CNN

Ken Shelton


See the full program and conference content here


Microsoft | Sungard K-12 Education | PowerSchool | GSV | Turnitin | Innis Maggiore | Cattura


I wrote and contributed to the Conductor blog under my own byline as well as contributing research, writing, and editing to other posts under the Director of Research and CEO bylines. 

Favorite posts I had a hand in creating and distributing:

*This was the beginning of a series of what became (at least, during my time) the highest-performing piece of content we created. It is now updated annually and for different marketing roles.


Research Contributor | conductor Search Engine Whitepapers

As a member of a three person Content and Research Team led by Conductor's Director of Research, I helped with all stages of contributing to the research ideation, data collection, analysis, visualization, editing, and promotion for more than ten research studies in my two year tenure. In particular, I led the ideation creation for the Election 2012 research piece, which is one of my all-time favorite pieces of content to this day.

Just how much attention should marketers give universal search?  How pervasive have universal search results become in the search listings? In this research-based white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How frequently universal search results are appearing for high-volume queries
  • The distribution of result types for queries with universal results
  • The key takeaways for how marketers should approach search marketing

82% of potential voters research political candidates online, so online visibility  is more important than ever for political candidates. Conductor Searchlight, our enterprise SEO platform, is uniquely positioned to report search and social trends of Republican primary candidates relative to each other and to incumbent Barack Obama. Check out the infographic at the link for a holistic view of the current political landscape of the 2012 Presidential elections.

A few highlights of the online race for search and social dominance:

  • Obama proves a tough challenge in the online general election season for likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney.
  • Mitt Romney leads the Republican candidates in controlling his online message.
  • Although Rick Santorum recently dropped out of the race, he provoked 51% more Google searches than Romney and received the largest share of online news coverage in March at 35%.

In collaboration with Search Engine Watch, Conductor collected and analyzed responses from hundreds of SEO professionals to determine industry trends, goals, and expectations. Here are some key takeaways from this comprehensive report presented at Conductor’s C3 (Customer Collaboration Conference) by Conductor’s Director of Research Nathan Safran and Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen:

  • The second most common location (16%) for search in the organization is now in its own department
  • 6 out of 10 organizations expect to increase SEO headcount in the coming year
  • 63% of executive teams are more familiar with SEO metrics than 12 months ago
  • 65% of respondents say natural search is influencing revenue strategy more than 12 months ago