Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan

Hi, I'm Jen. I care about mission-driven work, public policy, internet culture and, more than anything else, a good story.  

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About Me

I've translated my interests in mission-driven work, public policy, creative storytelling and internet culture into a 7+ year career in marketing at VC-backed SaaS startups. My area of focus has always been rooted in content and community, though I also have experience in marketing research, events, social media, operations, and leading a team. This “T-shape” of broad experience means I’m perfectly comfortable building a project from ideation all the way through to measurement of the results. 

My general approach to content marketing is that community and content are two sides of the same coin. The way your community talks about your company *is* your current brand, and content is the best tool you have to evolve that perception. 

Short-term, my goal is to build an in-house content studio capable of producing opportunistic, engaging, useful, authentic and falsifiable content pieces.  Long-term, my goals are to continue working with bright, forward-thinking people and finding unexpected ways to combine my passions into meaningful work. I know...such a millennial.

At work and in life, I value logical thought, a quick wit, and flexibility. I’m constantly absorbing information and I expect others in my life to do the same — I’m always plugged into a new podcast, book, album, or streaming video (sometimes simultaneously, though I don’t recommend it). I care a lot about how people find information on the internet and utilizing technology for social good. In my spare time, I'm fixing, building, or restoring something at my house, playing with my dog, community organizing, and learning something new.

Professional Highlights

See my full resume & recommendations on LinkedIn.


June 2017 - Present


Reporting to the USA CEO, I lead a 7-person team of video, social and content producers. Babbel USA content highlights the joy of connecting with people, culture and history through language. We believe language and learning are at the heart of experiences that matter most in life. Read our latest on Babbel Magazine.

Cota Healthcare

December 2016 - June 2017


Cota is a healthcare technology platform that helps oncology professionals make data-driven decisions and deliver precision medicine. As an early marketing team hire, I develop all aspects of content strategy.

  • Launched the Cota blog, curated weekly newsletter The Oncology Download, and first public product Cota OCM

  • Create and manage a content calendar and a team of freelancers—writers, subject matter experts, and designers

  • Utilize internal resources to develop data-informed content

  • Develop narratives for PR and content from academic research


June 2013 - December 2016

Content and Community Director

Schoology is a cloud-based learning management system for K-12 and higher education institutions. Promoted to three different roles in three years within content, community and communications, I led the marketing team for a year and reported directly to the Co-founder/CEO during our search for a CMO. 

  • Established Schoology brand & content in the voice of the user

  • Developed, implemented, and automated the Schoology Ambassador program, which served as an advocacy and content engine for the entire company (featured at Marketo’s 2016 Marketing Nation Summit)

  • Orchestrated the overall vision, content, keynotes, promotion, logistics of the first three Schoology NEXT user conferences

  • Hired and managed marketing team members, PR consultants, and freelance content firms

Conductor (acquired by WeWork)

June 2011 - June 2013


Conductor is a B2B SaaS platform that helps brands optimize their organic content marketing and SEO. I reported to Director of Research as the first member of the research and content team.

  • Brainstormed, edited, promoted data-informed content; articles, blog posts, conference proposals, and research studies

  • Strategized paid and organic content across traditional and nontraditional social platforms

  • Coordinated event logistics, including planning the first C3—Conductor’s annual customer conference

  • Utilized marketing automation to measure marketing efforts

Founding member of Conductor's social good initiative, which grew into the Conductor Foundation and now awards several software grants annually to nonprofits including WNYC, National Kidney Foundation, March of Dimes, and Teach for America.

These are just some recent career highlights. To see my full resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


Jen is an absolute content rockstar. She has an innate understanding of how both data and human narratives come together to create content that becomes the most important weaponized asset that both startups and big brands can wield across the customer lifecycle.

She's a classic "T-shaped" content expert, who is as equally skilled as both a writer as she is an editor-in-chief, who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get into the weeds - whether it's analyzing data for a ground-breaking content piece or diving into related marketing projects like fine-tuning Marketo/Pardot email sequences and landing pages to getting direct mail assets written, produced, and out the door.

Most importantly she understands the power of content leverage - how to develop the strategy and tone of a brand, generate and nurture creative content ideas, and work with direct reports or freelancers to Get Stuff Done. Plus she can do across the spectrum of content types - from customer acquisition/conversion/retention to PR-supporting to sales enablement to produce marketing to web copy.

I'm of course super biased because I poached her from her previous role and she exceeded expectations all around. She is a huge catch, I'd hire her again if I could, and will be a huge asset to any company that understands the power of content as an integral part of its brand and growth engine.

Matthew Levin, VP Marketing at Cota
| Matt managed Jen directly at Cota


Jen Marie is a thoughtful and talented marketing, community and communications leader. We collaborated on a number of projects together at Schoology. As a leader, she helped me understand many marketing nuances as they relate to the growth of the sales team. Her work building out the Ambassadors program helped the company launch a brand new content strategy. She performs well under pressure and has a proven track record of coming through in the clutch. I enjoyed worked with Jen Marie and her maturity would add immediate value to any team she's on.

Daniel Gottlieb, Senior Sales Executive at Contently | Dan worked with Jen at Schoology


I originally hired Jen Marie as an intern to work with me on Research at Conductor. Although she joined Conductor with no background in the Search industry Jen demonstrated a great capacity to consume knowledge about the space and quickly became invaluable in developing research and content ideas. Jen was hired full time and in addition to working on the Research team she also managed Conductor’s social networks and demonstrated a natural aptitude for networking and developing Conductor’s voice in the industry. I was sorry to see Jen go but know that she was an integral part of helping to build the Conductor brand.

Nathan Safran, Director of Research at NAPCO Media | Nathan managed Jen directly at Conductor

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