About me

I've translated my interests in public policy, mission-driven work, creative storytelling, and internet culture into a 6+ year career in marketing at VC-backed SaaS startups. My area of focus has always been rooted in content and community, though I also have experience in marketing research, events, social media, operations, and leading a marketing team. This “T-shape” of broad experience means I’m perfectly comfortable building a project from ideation all the way through to measurement of the results. 

My general approach to content marketing is that community and content are two sides of the same coin. The way your community talks about your company *is* your current brand, and content is the best tool you have to evolve that perception. 

Short-term, my goal is to build an in-house content studio capable of producing opportunistic, engaging, useful, authentic, and falsifiable content pieces, e.g., the New York Times T Brand Studio.  Long-term, my goals are to continue working with bright, forward-thinking people, and finding unexpected ways to combine my passions into meaningful work. I know...such a millennial.

At work and in life, I value logical thought, a quick wit, and flexibility. I’m constantly absorbing information and I expect others in my life to do the same—I’m always plugged into a new podcast, book, album, or DIY youtube video on how to grout tile (sometimes simultaneously, though I don’t recommend it). I care a lot about how people find information on the internet, and utilizing technology for social good. In my spare time, I'm fixing, building, or restoring something at my house, playing with my dog, community organizing, and learning something new.